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National Bow Tie Day is August 28th

National Bow Tie Day is August 28th

By: Leah Hollenberger

Here’s a fun fact. Copley Hospital General Surgeon Dr. Don Dupuis wears a bow tie every single day.

What better time to explore that a bit than on National Bow Tie Day, i.e. August 28th – today!

It seems Dr. Dupuis is one of many notable fashion rebels that choose to accessorize with this small piece of fabric. Along with our dashing Don, the list includes Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens,  broadcaster Charles Osgood, sports figure Dhani Jones, science program host Bill Nye, and popular television characters Mr. Hooper of Sesame Street, NCIS’s Donald Mallard, two of the Doctors from Doctor Who and Mayberry’s Barney Fife.

So what is it that draws Dr. Dupuis to bow ties?

For those who are interested, Dr. Dupuis shared that he is wearing one of his favorite bow ties: the Winston Churchill Bow Tie.

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