Put Down The Phone


I often wake up at 3 a.m., stressing about something. And I do the absolute worst thing you can do: I reach for my smartphone and read through my Twitter account and favorite blogs. It was in the wee morning hours that I saw this article from the Cleveland Clinic. It pointed out how stress affects your body.

Cortisol, the hormone created by stress, affects so many parts of your body. It can affect your muscles and joints, your heart and lungs, your skin and hair, your stomach and your neck and shoulders. Prolonged stress weakens your overall immune system, not to mention does a number on your mental health. To make matters worse, when you are stressed, you tend to exercise less and slide on the healthy eating. So many of aches and pains and flare-ups of all sorts can be stress-related.

My immediate thought: “Blog post!” Really. Then I thought I should turn off the phone and go back to sleep.

I’m still working on breaking the blue screen habit before bedtime (and at 3 a.m.) along with managing my stress in general. What do you do to manage your stress?

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