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Morristown Community Gardens

Morristown Community Gardens

By: Tricia Follert


It’s that time of year again that many of you who live in Northern Vermont dream about all winter: springtime. The trees are starting to blossom, the garlic is showing its scapes, the robins are singing, and it’s time to think about gardening.

Morristown community gardens are located at Oxbow Riverfront Park and there are lots of good organic plots available, large and small. Are you interested in having a plot of your own? We’d love to have you! Please contact Jake Rehm at

Don’t worry if you’re not able to crawl around the ground, planting gorgeous little seedlings and then weeding them all summer. We also have 13 raised bed boxes available! Contact Kylie Brown at or call 888-3252 and she’ll set you up with one of the raised beds.

There is no better way to spend the great summer months than enjoying your own little garden plot at the park and then heading home with your bounty. Gardening can help you stay active and can also feed your soul. So ride your bike or stroll down to the park and enjoy one of the many our wonderful assets, the community gardens.

Tricia Follert is the Community Development Coordinator for the Town of Morristown, where she coordinates and implements activities for the town. She currently sits on three local boards, River Arts, Lamoille County Planning Commission and the Morristown Alliance for Commerce and Culture, and works closely with many local nonprofits on community projects. She is also actively involved in the community gardens, the rail trail and the arts.