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Welcome to Live Well Lamoille!

Welcome to Live Well Lamoille!

Social Determinants of Health

Image via American Public Health Association

Live Well Lamoille is a community collaboration. Folks throughout our community are contributing to share ideas, information, and perspective in hopes of building a healthier community.

So many factors contribute to “health.” Certainly it includes making sure you see your doctor and things like monitoring your weight and blood pressure. But there are many more things that can affect your health: a network of friends, clean water, access to nourishing food, housing, literacy, and an environment that encourages walking, to name just a few.

The idea for this blog came from a community meeting with people that represented all these different aspects that contribute to our health. So often the clinical aspect of healthy living is held separate from the more social aspects of healthy living. Why not create a shared space and invite our community to share in the dialogue?

And so Live Well Lamoille was created. Our bloggers include:

We hope you will find Live Well Lamoille a valuable resource for information, activities, and ideas to help you make healthy choices. And we hope you will join in the dialogue!